Thursday, 11 December 2014

this is our balloon powered car we got the topic at the start of the term to create a balloon powered car that will travel the maximum distance. and yea this is our car.
hope you like it

Monday, 8 December 2014

I wrote this story with the help by schoolastic story starters
also with the teachers help with getting me on to the web site

if you have the time please make the next paragraph with how you would imagine it to be
thank you
best regards harry

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

charlie and the great glass elevator

Charlie and the great glass elevator

where i am with the book at the moment.                                                                                             charlie and his family are travelling though space with the the one and only Mr willy wonka as their pilot, when they see the all new space hotel made by the U.S.A. 

when they get docked inside it they get attacked by aliens from mars called the Knids so they quickly jumped back into the great glass elevator before the Knids gobbled them up whole.

So going at the speed of light they travel around the the worlds galaxies and after they had gone one time round they find out that that it was only half that had been chasing them and that the other half were waiting for them back from where they had started from, and from them on they had Knids chasing them from both ways. So they thought they should go back through the earths atmosphere because they new the Knids couldn't get through it  ecause of the earths startling heat travelling though the earths atmosphere and they could go to the safe zone [chocolate factory] as they were floating inside the great glass elevator they saw saw a Knid travelling the same speed as them heading straight for them and at that moment the Knid hit straight into them and none of them got hurt because this is the great glass elevator nothing could damage it not even a nucula bomb. 

sooner that day they landed down in the big chocolate factory with oompa loompa's to welcome them with a cheerful jingles.

  And sorry but that's all  I have read so far.

                    THE END     

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Kite reflection

Kite reflection

Harry and Isaacs Kite.
Our kite is unique it has not been made by anyone else in class.

our kite has an aerodynamic shape, the string is even across the framing and it is the right length and strong because it is builders string. Our kite has a bow the middle of the garbage bag called the big black sacks, that we used as the a material for our kite.


I reckon that we had to persist with our kite because of all our moderations on our kite.


I reckon that we used empathy for our kite because we had some time were we got holes in our kite or it didn't fly.


I reckon that we had to use curiosity for our kite to research all the different kites and research what materials and gear we should use.


I reckon that we use empathy for our kite by using everyone's ideas for our kite.

Did our kite fly...

Our kite flew after a few little moderations like patching up holes with duck tape.

And a few times we had to change our materials and design of our kite because it either didn't fly or we didn't have the materials for our kite. But now our kite flys like a hawk gliding though the air with its wings spread out to the horizons.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

All About Me

All About Me
My name is Harry.
I live in New Zealand.
My favorite hobbies are surfing,wake boarding and rugby. 
and this is really just my simple life.